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We Build a Customized, Total Research and Analysis Solution for You

The technology division of the Perceptions Group delivers reasonably priced research-based insights for strengthening brands, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. Armed with custom research capabilities, industry-driven special reports and proprietary executive tech buyer events, you’re able to accurately and effectively manage the perceptions of your brand and deliver an outstanding Tech Buyer Experience™ by:

  • Ensuring your products and services meet B2B tech buyer needs
  • Confirming your process of doing business is easy and effective
  • Verifying your prospects and current clients are well-informed
  • Making certain your clients are satisfied and coming back for more
Our Methods Reflect the Way You Sell
  • Flexibility: We craft a custom solution to best suit your needs and achieve specific goals.
  • Integrity: Our unbiased insights give the facts from the true B2B tech buyers’ perspective. A baseline is established and actionable insights provide a pathway for improvement.
  • Experience: Multiple industries, proven methodology, unparalleled years of experience, proprietary analysis, and a long list of customer success stories.
  • Collaborative: Perceptions Group works to understand each CMO’s needs / market / situation, and tailors the insights and deliverables to match client expectations.
Key Benefits to Our Clients

We Give You the Ability to Quantify the Value of Your Brand with Buyers

With our insights you’ll be able to understand Technology Buyer perceptions of your brand vs. your competitors. Our research helps to quantify your brand value and equity by evaluating perceptions of your product offerings (quality, scope), customers (loyalty, retention, NPS), market share and share of voice (leadership, visibility), and more.

Measure Your Market Share vs. the Competition

Accurately gauge market characteristics – segment size, growing / shrinking, importance of segment to buyers, top trends of segment, and more.

Identify Customers and Their Attitudes

Understand the best strategies for customer acquisition, retention, and growth. Determine if you are growing your customer base vs. the competition, and what the overall perception / loyalty of customer base is vs. competition (NPS).

Optimize Your Marketing ROI

Measure your marketing spend vs. traction / progress on key indicators including brand equity, market share, and customers vs. the competition.

Our Services

Proprietary Research

Perceptions Group’s custom research is conducted on behalf of our clients to identify, uncover and explore key issues affecting sales, branding and market share. The results enable our clients to strengthen their technology brands and increase sales. Through our proprietary database, panels and partners, we’re able to conduct national and international surveys based on our clients’ specific needs. We conduct tech buyer research on a number of topics, including…

  • Persona Development
  • Customer Sat/NPS
  • Thought Leadership
  • Brand Positioning
  • KPI Tracking
  • Concept Testing
  • Awareness & Consideration
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Pre and Post Campaign Measurement, and More

Proprietary Events

Our Executive Roundtable events foster better communication and collaboration among CMOs, tech brand executives and influential B2B tech buyers. The insights and direction derived from these meetings are focused on helping tech brands strengthen their position in the marketplace, gain competitive advantage, increase sales, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Through these face-to-face meetings, our clients increase business through new and closer relationships, while enhancing strategy and tactics for go-to-market brand activities such as…

  • Reassessment of Market Position
  • Renewal of Sales / Marketing Efforts
  • Establishment of New Goals
  • Creating or Redefining New Metrics
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Retention and Churn Management
  • Change Management
  • Marketing Strategy Development