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About Us
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The technology division of the Perceptions Group is a leader in providing the technology industry with research- based, tech buyer insight and data-driven guidance necessary for strengthening brands, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. We specialize in determining, analyzing and communicating what B2B technology buyers think — their plans, opinions and motivations.
We Help Technology Companies…

Measure and improve their brand value to tech buyers

Increase consideration, buying intentions and satisfaction among tech buyers

Align business processes and go-to-market practices to meet and exceed tech buyer expectations

Create an outstanding overall Tech Buyer Experience™ for their customers

Our Mission
Our mission is to assist CEO’s and CMO’s improve their company’s competitive position and effectively communicate their company’s brand value, and positively influence purchase intent in the B2B technology marketplace. Furthermore, we help these companies align their business processes and procedures to meet buyers’ expectations and create an outstanding overall Tech Buyer Experience™.
Our Approach
Both tech buyer and proprietary research insights represent all perspectives of importance to our clients: IT, Line of Business, Customer, Prospect, Title, Function, Vertical, Region, Company Size, Trends. No matter what the technology category, our clients gain the intelligence required to successfully deliver an outstanding customer The Tech Buyer Experience™.
Who We Serve
Based on more than 12 years of ongoing research experience, and analysis of hundreds of measured corporate brands, we’ve proven that elevating brand perceptions increases buying intentions. Armed with the research-based Tech Buyer insight we deliver, CEOs, CROs and CMOs are able to take actions that effectively and positively manage the IT and business decision-maker perceptions of their technology brands, increasing sales and market share as a result.
Management Team

In the dozen years since it was founded, the Perceptions Group has grown to leadership status, serving clients worldwide. None of this would have been possible without the support and guidance of a team that represents some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry today. The people at Perceptions Group are the backbone of the company, each possessing specialized expertise, with a touch of entrepreneurial spirit. The service that our team delivers is second to none. Their success centers on providing our clients with the Tech Buyer insight they require for strengthening their brands, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing their sales and market share.

Ken Pearl
Ken Pearl
CEO, Perceptions Group
Ken Pearl has been Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company since 2002. Prior to Perceptions Group, Ken led sales at On2 Technology (recently acquired by Google). Before that, he published magazines and websites at the “original” Ziff Davis and CMP companies. Ken began his career in 1980 with IBM. Ken splits his time between New York City and San Francisco where he lives with his wife Ellen, who also works for the company. They have two children, one in college, and another who recently entered the working world.
Randy Cohen
Randy Cohen
President and COO, Perceptions Group
Co-Founder Randy Cohen’s marketing, research and management experience spans twenty-five years, holding management positions in advertising, media and technology. Early in his career he was responsible for strategic planning and consumer advertising research at Grey Advertising. During his ten years at Ziff Davis, Randy was well known for successfully directing research and marketing for the company’s consumer and business publications. In addition, he headed-up research, marketing and operations for Red Herring Communications (VP Marketing), On2 Technology (COO) and Mobilocity (EVP Marketing). Randy lives in New York City with his wife Jennifer, his two kids and his Black Labrador, Summer.
Tedd Speck
Tedd Speck
EVP, Research Operations, Perceptions Group
Tedd Speck heads our research group with an emphasis on the production and development of our syndicated products. Prior to Advertiser Perceptions, Tedd was CEO and founder of his marketing research company, Iota Research Group. Tedd also worked for market research firm The Strategy Group as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Tedd began his career at Conde Nast’s Glamour magazine in the late 1980s, moving from there to Ziff-Davis Publishing’s corporate research department in the early 1990s. Tedd lives in Kent, Connecticut with two dogs (labs) and two children, one in high school, one in middle school.
Serving Technology Brands Worldwide
We supply the world’s most powerful and emerging technology brands with data-driven insight that clarifies what their prospects and customers think. Regardless of size and technology category, we have solutions that are right for any CEO, CRO, CMO or brand executive wishing to optimize their Tech Buyer Experience. We work with many of the largest and most successful technology brands in the world.

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