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Deliver an Outstanding Tech Buyer Experience™

Today, B2B Technology Buyers rely on their own perceptions of technology companies like yours to form brand preferences during a typically self-led buying process. These brand preferences can drive and create short lists before buyers even make first contact with a prospective vendor. In fact, based on our own research, most of an initial purchasing process is completed before a buyer engages a vendor directly. “I’ll Google that…” is a way of life for these technology buyers.

So how do you attract, acquire and satisfy new customers given this selling / buying environment? The technology companies that create an outstanding Tech Buyer Experience™ will strengthen their brand – building market share, competitive advantage, and ROI. Some of the largest and most progressive technology companies use our insights to create this outstanding Tech Buyer Experience™ – and align business processes and practices with Tech Buyer expectations, including…

  • Ensure their product meets buyers’ needs and expectations
  • Confirm their business processes are easy and effective
  • Verify prospects and customers are well informed with the right information at the right time in their buying process
  • Make certain that buyers are satisfied and come back for more
Our Company

The technology division of the Perceptions Group is a leader in providing the technology industry with research- based, tech buyer insight and data-driven guidance necessary for strengthening brands, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. We specialize in determining, analyzing and communicating what B2B technology buyers think — their buying plans, opinions and motivations. We work with many of the largest and most successful technology brands in the world, and regardless of size and technology category, we have solutions that are right for any executive wishing to optimize their Tech Buyer Experience™.

Our Services
Tech Buyer Research
Perceptions Group offers a proven solution for gaining clarity about what B2B tech buyers think. This actionable insight provides our clients with the data driven guidance necessary for improving their customer experience — What we call the Tech Buyer Experience™.
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Proprietary Insights
Perceptions Group's proprietary research is conducted on behalf of our clients to identify, uncover and explore key issues affecting sales, branding, and market share. We regularly collaborate with clients to conduct research enabling them to better understand their brand position, and manage their marketplace perceptions.
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Proprietary Events
Our proprietary Executive Roundtables foster better communication and collaboration among CMOs, tech brand executives and influential B2B tech buyers. Through these face-to-face meetings, our clients increase business through new and closer relationships.
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Our Clients

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